National Wants and Warrant Searches (Basic and Extensive)

Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Basic)
Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Extensive)

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Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Basic)

Nationwide search locating United States Wants and Warrants on an individual.
This search includes all US states.

Because warrants are issued and served on a continuous basis by literally thousands of individual agencies across the country, the information returned in response to your search requests may or may not be current and warrants may have been cleared by arrest or court appearance, been vacated or recalled or otherwise withdrawn, and new warrants may have been issued since the records were last updated. The warrant information contained in this database, which originates from the issuing agencies and is acquired from public records, should not be relied upon for arrest. It is intended to be used for informational purposes only. The publication of a name on this list in no way indicates that the person is guilty of the crime listed, and the possibility that a personís name appears on a Warrant List as a result of some type of error, such as inaccurate data entry, always exists.

Item#: WWS-001
Item: Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Basic)
Price: $19.95

Results eMailed within 12 - 24 business hours, same day if ordered before 3PM EST.

Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Extensive)

Warrants Research is a professional service offered by, Inc. - Your Worldwide Background Check Headquarters! .

This warrant search will initiate a search into an exclusive national database of outstanding wants and warrants. Recognized as the most reliable in the nation, this database is used by federal, state, and local law enforcement. Without question, this database is the best available reference for outstanding wants and warrants. Most orders are completed within two business days. To comply with federal law, your results will be restricted to the contact name, phone and jurisdiction where a warrant exists. Please be advised, this database only contains warrants that have been submitted by a jurisdiction for offenses that would merit extradition. Warrants for lesser offenses may not be included.

Item#: WWS-002
Item: Nationwide US Wants and Warrants Search (Extensive)
Price: $49.95

Results eMailed within 1 - 3 business days

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