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The Journal of the American Medical Association states that doctors and physicians contribute to over 200,000 deaths a year in the United States. This is the third leading cause of death in this country. These numbers clearly indicate the growing need for background checks on medical care professionals. The selection of a doctor, plastic surgeon, dentist, chiropractor, physician, or any medical care provider is one of the most crucial decisions that we are faced with in life. Their level of expertise is in fact a matter of life or death. A background check will uncover disciplinary action taken against medical care providers for actions such as malpractice, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, poor record keeping, and the over prescribing of drugs and medicines. Doctors prescribing more prescription drugs than needed account for more than 106,000 deaths in the US per year. Can you afford not to know the truth about your doctor? Let our licensed private investigators assist you in protecting your most valuable asset your life and the lives of those you love.


Medicare Fraud Search Pharmacist Background Check
Lawsuit Database Search Pharmacy Technician Background Check
Doctor Physician Background Check Physical Therapist Background Check
Dentist Background Check Physician Assistant Background Check
Chiropractor Background Check Podiatrist Background Check
Nurse Background Check Psychologist Background Check
Occupational Therapist Background Check Social Worker Background Check
Optometrist Background Check Medical Professional Background Check


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Selection & Price Comparison On Our Medical Professional Background Check Options

Information verified through:
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Department Health / Human Services (HHS)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
State Medical and Osteopathic Boards from all 50 states

Medical Background
Check #1

Medical Background
Check #2

Medical Background
Check #3

Private Investigator Assisted




Name Verification









Year of Birth





Certifications and Specializations




Years of Experience








License Info (Issue, Expiration, Status)




Professional Licensing












Sanctions / Disciplinary Actions




DEA Registrations / Drug Classifications




50 State National Sex Offender Search




Nationwide Criminal Record Search




Results eMailed 2 - 24 Business Hours




Federal Criminal Database Search



Lawsuit Filings Database Search



Item#: DRBC-001
Item: Medical
Background Check #1
Price: $14.95

Item#: DRBC-002
Item: Medical
Background Check #2
Price: $19.95

Item#: DRBC-003
Item: Medical
Background Check #3
Price: $49.95


Medicare Fraud Search

This search is used to verify if a subject has ever been charged with Medicare fraud.

Item#: MFS-001
Item: Medicare Fraud Search
Price: $39.95

Results eMailed within 24 - 48 business hours

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