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There are millions of attorneys in the United States. Five hundred thousand new lawyers will graduate and complete their schooling each year. How can one decide which attorney is right for their specific case? Choosing the right lawyer makes all the difference in the world. A lawyer / attorney background check will minimize your level of risk in selecting the appropriate professional to handle your case. Whether you are a plaintiff, a defendant, or a business person protecting their corporate interests the decision of finding the best attorney can be a difficult and time consuming task. The right attorney should specialize in the area of law that your case encompasses. The right lawyer should not have disciplinary action or negative ratings through both the bar association and an independent background check. Finally, the attorney that is right for you should welcome your questions regarding his or her background, success rate, course work toward continuing education, estimated case costs, hourly rate, and references. A complete thorough and comprehensive background check on your prospective attorney is the most important step in being proactive in choosing the right lawyer for your case. Let our licensed private investigators protect your interests with an attorney background check.

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Information returned may include
(information varies by state - Some states report very little information regarding their attorneys):

Lawyer Background
Check #1

Lawyer Background
Check #2

Lawyer Background
Check #3

Private Investigator Assisted




Name Verification




Certifications and Specializations




Years of Experience








Professional Licensing




State Bar Records








Disciplinary Actions




50 State National Sex Offender Search




Statewide Criminal Record Search




Results eMailed 2 - 24 Business Hours




Federal Criminal Database Search



Lawsuit Filings Database Search



Item#: LABC-001
Item: Lawyer
Background Check #1
Price: $9.95

Item#: LABC-002
Item: Lawyer
Background Check #2
Price: $14.95

Item#: LABC-003
Item: Lawyer
Background Check #3
Price: $39.95


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