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Civil records are an important component to consider when conducting a background check. Offenses that are not criminal in nature are often considered in a civil court setting. Often cases that are not successfully tried in criminal court do find success in the civil system. These types of cases can shed a great deal of light on the background of an individual. Civil records are stored at the county level in both lower and upper civil court levels or they are stored at the federal level. The county level searches provide information regarding the subjectís involvement within civil litigation proceedings and disputes. When searching the federal level, results will provide information on violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights. Regardless of venue, civil suits can be brought against individuals, governmental entities, or companies. Should you have any questions regarding which type of search is right for you please come to LIVE ONLINE CHAT for assistance.

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Civil Background
Check #1
Civil Background
Check #2

Civil Background
Check #3

Civil Background
Check #4

Name Verification





Death Record Search





Aliases Used By Subject





SSN Verification





DOB Verification





Past/Current Addresses





Past/Current Phones





UCC Filings





Watercraft Ownership





Aircraft / FAA Ownership





Possible eMail Addresses





Internet Domain Ownership





Bankruptcy Search





Tax Lien(s) Search





Civil Judgment(s) Search





Properties Ownership





National Sex Offender





National Criminal Records





Federal Civil and Bankruptcy




Onsite County Civil Search*
[Guaranteed for Accuracy]



Lawsuits Database Search



Item#: CVBC-001
Item: Civil
Background Check #1
Price: $29.95

Item#: CVBC-002
Item: Civil
Background Check #2
Price: $39.95

Item#: CVBC-003
Item: Civil
Background Check #3
Price: $49.95

Item#: CVBC-004
Item: Civil
Background Check #4
Price: $69.95


Background Results eMailed within 24 Business Hours & Onsite Searches eMailed within 1 - 7 Business Days

   *When applicable Worldwide Background Check Headquarterspackages above include one search of each type. For example option #3 & #4  includes one county criminal search. If additional counties are needed, please contact LIVE ONLINE CHAT to request a custom package quote.

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