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Our expert research team utilizes and combines industry expertise with years of investigative, security, and risk management experience coupled with significant collegiate scholastic and post graduate course work. Our reports are compiled using a variety of different databases. These databases contain billions of records across a variety of subject matter. It is necessary to conduct research across a number of databases with correct, true, full, and accurate subject information in order to receive the best results.

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Canada Previous Employment Verification

Given a resume and/or application, we can verify the applicant's previous employers. The information obtained by the interviewer includes but is not limited to: dates of employment, character, salary, title, performance, productivity, attitude, skills, attendance, eligibility for rehire and reasons for termination. If ordering the Employment Verification, we will need employee name, previous employer name, previous employer contact name (manager, HR department rep, etc), and previous employer contact phone number.

$24.95 per employer searched.
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Item#: CAN-EMV
Item: Canada Previous Employment Verification
Price: $24.95

Results eMailed within 24 - 72 business hours

Canada Employment Database Search

Our investigators will search various record sources for current and/or past employment. Please provide as much information on your subject as it will assist our researchers with the investigation. Results returned may include business type, location, position held, salary, and more if available.

Item#: CAN-EMD
Item: Canada Employment Database Search
Price: $39.95

Results eMailed within 24 - 48 business hours


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