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Canada Enhanced Commercial Credit Report

This report contains:
Business Identification Information
Business Name
Business Address
Business File Number
Active Credit Date
Payment Index
Number of Accounts Past Due
Number of Inquires
Derogatory Items (Returned Cheques, Collection Claims, Legal Suits, Judgments or Information from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy)
Supplier Information (Number of Suppliers, Amount 3rd Period Past Due, Total Credit Exposure, Single Highest Credit Exposure, Average Credit Exposure, Inquiries on the Account)
Credit Information Score with Trend (Active in Equifax database for years, Current Payment Index, Number of trade payment references in last 90 days, Last quarter Payment Index vs. same quarter last year, Number of derogatory items in last 2 years, How recent was last derogatory item (months), Amount derogatory items as a % of dollars now owed to suppliers)
Overall Risk Associated with The Business
Twenty-five Most Recent Credit References
Ten Largest Credit References
Legal Information - Suits

Item#: CAN-ECR
Item: Canada Enhanced Commercial Credit Report
Price: $199.95

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