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Our Basic Background Check is one of our most popular searches. Let our licensed private investigators conduct the research for you. Donít rely on an instant database to be accurate, up to date, or inclusive of any alias name or DOB variations. An instant database cannot take into account all the factors that a comprehensive background check demands. This low cost background check is an affordable, effective, and comprehensive report. It is a standard search that provides a positive identification of the subject confirming that the SSN social security number, date of birth, full name including middle name, and any aliases are assessed and accounted for in our research. Let our licensed private investigators conduct your background check for you at the same price or less than our competitors. If you are in need of an even more comprehensive, thorough, or in depth report we have exactly what you are looking for. Please contact us via our live online chat option and one of our specialists will assist you in selecting the right search at the right price to fit your specific needs.

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Subject Information Is The Last Step of The Process, Once Payment Has Been Completed
The Link Will Be Given After Payment and Will Also Be Included Within Your Purchase eMail Receipt

Selection & Price Comparison On Our Basic Background Check Packages


Basic Background
Check #1

Basic Background
Check #2

Basic Background
Check #3

Private Investigator Assisted




Name Verification




Aliases Used By Subject




SSN Verification




DOB Verification




Current and Previous Addresses




Current and Previous Phone Summary




50 State National Sex Offender Search




National Criminal Records Search




Results eMailed 2 - 24 Business Hours




Federal Criminal Database Search



Onsite Countywide Criminal Search*
[Guaranteed for Accuracy]



Item#: BBC-001
Item: Basic
Background Check #1
Price: $14.95

Item#: BBC-002
Item: Basic
Background Check #2
Price: $19.95

Item#: BBC-003
Item: Basic
Background Check #3
Price: $29.95


Background Results eMailed within 24 Business Hours & Onsite Searches eMailed within 1 - 7 Business Days

   *When applicable basic background check packages above include one search of each type. For example option #3 includes one county criminal search. If additional counties are needed, please contact LIVE ONLINE CHAT to request a custom package quote.


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