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Instant background checks and criminal records i.e. the competition vs. investigator assisted research at the lowest possible price - YOU DECIDE!

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Instant Searches = Insufficient Outdated Inaccurate Information

Our searches are conducted by licensed private investigators across a number of databases (not just one database) utilizing years of industry experience and expertise. Some of our customers have informed us that they have been tricked, scammed, mislead, and misinformed by other sites online. There are many sites that claim you can access all the information you want for only $19.95 for an unlimited database, sites that tell you they have information on your subject as they run an instant preliminary search for you, and sites that sell you software telling you that youíll be able to do all of your investigations on your own. Some of these sites even will list our link for you in their software or unlimited database. You may rest assured that you have come to the source! No gimmicks, no instant searches, only investigator assisted research at the lowest possible price. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our Live Online Chat assistance.

1. Accuracy and experience: We do not offer instant searches. Each case is handled by an experienced professional researcher with at least 5 years of industry experience. This results in the highest accuracy rate possible. Our onsite searches hold a 100% accuracy guarantee. Worldwide Background Check Headquarters process is multifaceted and requires the utmost diligence in order to ensure accuracy. A simple point and click instant database simply cannot compete with the expertise of a professional researcher.

2. Speed and efficiency: Orders are completed within 12 - 24 business hours (unless otherwise specified) from the time your subject information is received. Most orders ordered before 3:00 PM EST Monday - Friday, are completed the same business day. If ordering a delayed search, we kindly ask that you allot 1- 7 business days for completion. These results are searched manually at the state or county level and therefore take more than 24 business hours to complete. If you are in need of your search results in less then an hour (delayed searches do not apply) we do offer "Rush Services", please click here.

3. Confidentiality and privacy: We do not house, store, or manipulate your personal information in any way. We do not sell or disclose your personal information to any third party. All personal information collected is purged after a period of 3 months. Your information is safe with us. We have a 100% confidentiality guarantee.

4. Price: We offer the lowest prices online backed by our low price guarantee. We will meet or beat any competitors price quote on any like search. We are committed to keeping our costs low and passing the savings onto you our valued customer. Accurate low cost background check and criminal record information is now within your reach.

5. Selection of services: is Worldwide Background Check Headquarters and criminal record source. There is a check to fit every budget and every need. If you don't see the report you are looking for please feel free to contact us and we will create a custom report to suit your needs. In the meantime check out our custom background check page located at: BuildYourOwn.htm

6. Customer support: Should you have any questions before or after your purchase we will address your individual concern simply contact us. If your subject has an alias you'd like checked that you have not mentioned we will gladly assist. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

7. Free value added services: Unlike our competitors who offer access to instant databases we check name variations and aliases with one low search price. Instant databases are unable to account for name variations, date of birth discrepancies, and the many other variables that go into providing an accurate thorough report. Our researchers will utilize a variety of resources to complete your request not just one single source. This results in an all in one search product unlike any other industry-wide.

8. Bulk discounting: In addition to offering the most accurate reports available at the lowest possible cost we also handle bulk orders. If you are interested in 10 or more background checks you may qualify for a bulk discount. If you have a question regarding any bulk discount, employment screening, or corporate program please do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the steps involved in ordering a report?

1. Product selection and payment: Select the service or services you are interested in and proceed to our SSL secure checkout. Should you be interested in bulk or corporate discounting please either contact us before ordering for a custom payment link or state that you are interested in a bulk discount via the comments section on the subject information form. Now it's on to subject information.

2. Subject information: You will be prompted for your subject information after completing payment online. If for any reason you are not directed to that page after payment a subject information form is always housed at: /subjectinfo.php There is also a comments section at the bottom of the form please feel free to state any special instructions or additional information here. After submitting your subject information your request will be put into queue here at and unless otherwise stated in the search you ordered your report will be returned to you via email within 24 business hours or less.

3. The research process: After we receive your subject information your case will be directed to the appropriate industry specialist. The researcher will then analyze your specific request. Name variations, date of birth, and SSN information will assessed and the proper steps implemented to provide you with the most up to date, accurate, time and cost effective report available. Please watch your email carefully as your researcher may have questions for you regarding your report. Your researcher will then promptly send your results to you via email within 24 business hours or less unless otherwise specified on the specific search ordered.

We have a 24 business hour turnaround time on most searches. Accurate information is worth the wait! Donít rely on a criminal to provide you with accurate information about themselves, and donít rely on an instant database to find these common sense errors or omissions. Todayís criminal is well informed! Todayís background searches require the knowledge of a skilled researcher. CRIMINALS LIE PROTECT YOURSELF.

The process of conducting background checks and criminal records research is not as simple as typing a name into a database and receiving an accurate and reliable result.  As more companies and individuals consider background checks and criminal record reports as an essential means of eliminating risk todayís criminal is also becoming more informed regarding this process.  We frequently observe criminals guilty of such crimes as grand larceny or retail theft providing incorrect dates of birth, incorrect SSNís, or providing someone elseís information entirely. Our researchers will ensure the accuracy of your results and find close matches so that the subjects true identity and true crimes are discovered. At , we do not believe in offering our customers instant background checks and/or criminal record searches. There is nothing more frustrating for a consumer than using an instant database and within the blink of an eye you receive the results NO RECORDS FOUND. Was the database really searched, was it running properly, or did I do something wrong in searching? With our experienced, professional researchers, we are able to ensure that you receive the most thorough and comprehensive check in the industry.

Time and time again we run searches where the customer is off by a year or two on a subject's date of birth, and we are able to catch it. If the customer would have conducted the search instantly, the criminal record would have been missed entirely and would have returned a NO RECORDS FOUND response. In addition, a majority of criminal record databases do not even have the birthday listed, and it does take an actual researcher to "sift" through the information in order to verify the accuracy of the search result. If your subject has the name "James Michael Smith", who's to say that his name is listed exactly that way within the national database systems? Mr. Smith's name could very well be listed in the systems as: "Jim Michael Smith", "Jimmy M Smith", "James Smith", and so on. We, on the other hand, will verify the name variances on our criminal database searches FREE OF CHARGE! Don't waste your money on instant searches; chances are they will not give you the whole story. is here to provide COMPREHENSIVE background checks and criminal record searches, regardless of whether you are spending $20.00 or $100.00. Our professional, experienced, and knowledgeable researchers are here to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information in the industry. With our background checks and criminal record searches, you will receive all pertinent information regarding your subject, not just one name variation or half of the information. In addition, most of our reports are sent within 24 business hours or less (usually within a couple of hours). That isn't that much longer to wait in order to get the most accurate results.

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