Due Diligence Standard Background Check with On-Site Record Searches

Due diligence background checks and due diligence investigations provide an extremely effective method of minimizing risk on multiple levels. A due diligence background check is the single best way to gather competitive intelligence and protect against fraud. When entering into a business relationship it is always wise to be proactive in mitigating risk. Let our licensed private investigators provide you with the information you need to anticipate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of any given scenario. Whether you are anticipating a merger, acquisition, hiring a new employee, introducing a product or service, or entering into a new business endeavor a due diligence background check will put all the information you need to make an informed decision at your fingertips. Should you have any questions regarding the screening process or should you need assistance in determining the right search to fit your needs please come to LIVE ONLINE CHAT and our licensed investigators will be happy to assist you in selecting the right search.

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Subject Information Is The Last Step of The Process, Once Payment Has Been Completed
The Link Will Be Given After Payment and Will Also Be Included Within Your Purchase eMail Receipt

Selection & Price Comparison On Our Standard Due Diligence Background Check Packages


Due Diligence
Standard Background Check #1

Due Diligence
Standard Background Check #2

Due Diligence
Standard Background Check #3

Private Investigator Assisted




Name Verification




Aliases Used By Subject




SSN Verification




DOB Verification




Address(es) with Dates




Phone Number(s) w/ Dates




Associated Police Reports




Cell Phone Information




Possible Relatives




Possible Relationships




Possible Roommates




Persons Associated w/ Subject




Properties Owned by Subject




Related Eviction Records




High Risk Address Check




Death Record Search




Other Associated SSN's




Possible eMail Addresses




Associates eMail Addresses




Possible Web Connections




Social Networking/Web Affiliations




Local Census Demographics




Internet Domain Registrations




Hunting and Fishing Licenses




Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens




Aircraft Ownership




Watercraft Ownership




Surrounding Neighbors




Corporation Records




Business Affiliations




Fictitious Business Names




SEC Shareholders




UCC Records




Professional Licenses




DEA Licenses




FAA Licenses




National Sex Offender




National Criminal Records




Arrest Records Search




National Wants and Warrants




Terrorism Knowledge Search




Most Wanted Name Search




Federal Criminal Database Search




State Driving Record





Onsite (3) County Civil Search*
[Guaranteed for Accuracy]





Onsite (3) County Criminal Search*
[Guaranteed for Accuracy]




Verify Employment & Education**






Lawsuit(s) Database Search








Item#: DDSBC-001
Item: Due Diligence
Background Check #1
Price: $199.95

Item#: DDSBC-002
Item: Due Diligence
Background Check #2
Price: $219.95

Item#: DDSBC-003
Item: Due Diligence
Background Check #3
Price: $229.95


Background Results eMailed within 24 Business Hours & Onsite Searches eMailed within 1 - 7 Business Days

* When applicable Worldwide Background Check Headquarterspackages above include (3) three countywide searches for the criminal and civil. If additional counties are needed, please see the Due Diligence Executive Background Check or contact LIVE ONLINE CHAT to request a custom package quote.


** Turnaround time is generally 2 - 5 business day(s). Some schools and/or employment may take longer.


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