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Business and corporate background checks provide a cost effective means of mitigating risk. Gain competitive intelligence such as knowledge of business history, bankruptcy filings, lawsuits, changes in ownership, mergers, acquisitions, management background, related companies, sales, net worth, and number of employees by conducting a due diligence background check. Before choosing vendors, entering into partnerships, or considering litigation against an organization, being informed is the single best way to stay ahead of the competition. We have a wide variety of background check services to fit any need. Our investigators will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate search to advance your business interests. Please come to LIVE ONLINE CHAT with any questions.


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Company Name












SIC Description




Registered Agent(s) Search




Corporate Records Search




FEIN / EIN (Employer ID Number) Search





Fictitious Business Names (FBN) Search





DBA Filings Database Search





UCC Uniform Commercial Code Records




Real Estate Property Records





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Company Name Variations






Yellow Pages Lookup






Better Business Bureau Information






Internet Domains Registered to Business





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Company Profile





Business Registrations





Corporation Filings





Professional Licenses





Credit and Payment Profile





Risk Profile















Bankruptcy Filings





Businesses Network





Associated People





Associated Businesses





Other Businesses at Address





Dun & Bradstreet Business Profile





Credit Profile with Scores + Trade Data





Business Lawsuit Filings / Litigious Behavior




Federal Bankruptcy, Appellate, Civil,
and Criminal Dockets





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Item: Business Background Check
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